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Browsers’s War on Android

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On my personal blog I wrote about browser’s war now I continue the history but in this time is a different battle field is a mobile battle field and his ground is called #Android, take a look to this screen shot:

as you can see there is 4 browsers

Default Browser: Is a webkit based browser just like Chrome or even Safari from Apple (Like Iphone :P) so as you can imagine this is a very basic browser but dont misuderstand me works great so even this browser is really cool app.

FireFox Mobile: This is the first version of Firefox for mobile’s Im so proud that the plataform that they choose is android and Nokia, Im not a nokia fan but I know that those are really cool devices and also with experience on mobile’s market industry.

Earlier version of FireFox mobile code name Fennec

Opera Mini: If you are a Opera user dont regret use this app is all the feel and look of Opera browser for desktop, Opera is doing a great job I have them on my laptop, on my Wii and now on my Android so they should be doing something right to have that kind of scope.

and finally JP’s choice:

Skyfire 3.0: This is the first browser for mobiles that can play embedded flash videos, yu can manage many tabs, the latest version has FaceBook integration, you can choose how you want display the webpages, android, desktop or default (this mean webkit display) earlier version was called Iphone 😛 but for obvious reasons was changed on the next versions,

Is good to have many good options to choose, now we need to expect web sites change and adapt contents for mobile devices.

This should start with a new generation of web developers,

Happy web surfing 🙂

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