Tuesday October 26, 2010 02:40

Gentlemen….. Start your engines…….

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Hello all, and welcome to androidfeeds.com, we are a proud group of owners of Google’s mobile operating system Android. The objective of this page is to share with the world, the knowledge we have acquired as users of this wonderful operating system.

And before it all gets started, let’s start up by saying that I own a LG GW620 , this is a low end handset, and therefore i haven’t tasted Android’s full potential. I am positive that here we will all be able to share our experiences with the different versions and hardware that is out in the market today. But let me say this…. I’m totally in love with my LG (little geeky huh?).

I’ve had experienced with various handsets from many brands and models, and so far none beats my LG. Android has something that makes it wonderful and big: FLEXIBILITY….. which equals FREEDOM…… Google made a Daring move with this OS but hell they did good… Users from all over the world are feeling just good about it.

So i hope that this is the start of a close community of android owners. We, the administrators, have great expectations from this site and we want to mark the difference, we want you all visitors to participate and share all your experiences and knowledge.

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October 26th, 2010 at 2:43 am

Great start Mark, let me add some post to me 🙂

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