Wednesday April 6, 2011 12:25

I find myself loving Froyo….

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My goodness… if cupcake (Android 1.5 factory install on my GW620) was good, Froyo just blew my head off!!. It is just amazing, right after it boots you can see and feel the difference, context menus more focused on simplyfing your settings and productivity, a new user interface that keeps the basics but that adds more beauty to your handset. One big jump is the battery consumption, the operating system is designed to save up your battery and keep you running for more time, though using the 3G connection still, drains it out fast. Also you get Wi-fi tether (how cool is that?), I have tried it using a free app called Brianacle, I have paired my home pc running wondows 7 64-bit and my ipod touch. The Dialer has changed so did the contacts layout. Voice control is also a great feature provided by google, though it works a little slow for my taste….

Update: this post was a draft that i had on hold for a while, I was able to tether to my Ipad as well without issues, barnacle is a really nice piece of software. or


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