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App Inventor Transition

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app inventor for android

Logo app inventor

Since google take the decision of wind down google labs other side projects like Google Health or App Inventor Beta were closed too, the good news for everyone is that the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) decided save this project and host on his servers through the program: MIT Center for Mobile Learning with this move they are trying to save app inventor.

Service is temporally unavailable at, but I strongly recommend that read the FAQS where explain that they planned have migrated the service on the first quarter of 2012.

What is app inventor for Android?

Is a programming system that makes it easy for learners to create mobile apps for Android smartphones—currently supports a community of about 100,000 educators, students and hobbyists. Through the new initiatives at the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, App Inventor will be connected to MIT’s premier research in educational technology and MIT’s long track record of creating and supporting open software.

Personally I found in app inventor a great tool to learn oriented object programming language through graphic components represented by pieces of puzzles, those pieces represent objects, actions, methods, attributes easily set up for the user(developer).

Fortunately I did back up of my projects before the shut down:

1. Hello world: My own version of the classical first app 😉

2. Hello puppy: Hello world app recommended by app inventor team

3. Pain Pot: Historical note: PaintPot was one of the first programs developed to demonstrate the potential of personal computers, as far back as the 1970s. + a couple of modifications 🙂

4. Web shorcut: Create an app that works like a web short cut of your site for android.

Screen shots:

App inventor components:

App inventor components

Painpot components on App inventor

App Inventor for Android Block Editor: PaintPot

Blocks editor

blocks editor

I can’t wait to have available this great tool.


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